5 Sau 2021
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  • Please tell them what ball cam is

    Im HassanIm HassanPrieš dieną
  • can yall fix JJ's fov it's annoying lol

    Hokage SHSHokage SHSPrieš dieną
  • I switched my controls to square Is boost, L1 is power slide/air roll and the scoreboard to R1 and it helps so much for ariels

    SwagishPotato ooSwagishPotato ooPrieš 2 dienas
  • I miss heatseeker

    Jaylen SchofieldJaylen SchofieldPrieš 3 dienas
  • Who wanna see 'the sidemen vs musty' ????

    EzpziiEzpziiPrieš 3 dienas
  • what is the outro song i neeeeeed to know

    Gangster BeastGangster BeastPrieš 3 dienas
  • We need sidecraft season 2

    PresumedAphid 73PresumedAphid 73Prieš 4 dienas
  • hktjhjhgnmhk

    Andy ThomasAndy ThomasPrieš 4 dienas
  • love#

    Andy ThomasAndy ThomasPrieš 4 dienas
  • why is harry never in the vids?

    Zeshan HussainZeshan HussainPrieš 4 dienas
  • wow

    Gaming Is FunGaming Is FunPrieš 6 dienų
  • Please accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior before it’s too late. He loves you, died for you, and doesn’t want you to perish. 5 steps to salvation by bible flock box: ltworlds.info/home/vaizdo-ra-as/yGmX0Zt7l6hnktY.html Stay blessed Stay Safe

    Jerimiah HenleyJerimiah HenleyPrieš 7 dienų
  • Just me that tho is Tobi is acc good at rl

    JMF7 TVJMF7 TVPrieš 7 dienų
  • Someone tell jj to change to ball cam

    Jack YelleJack YellePrieš 7 dienų
  • Not sure if you guys have thought of playing risk of rain 2? Quality game for up to 4 players but well worth the time to play, honestly would recommend playing

    Charlie YeoCharlie YeoPrieš 8 dienų
  • there so dog there reactions make it decent lmao

    anthony johnsonanthony johnsonPrieš 8 dienų
  • Vick does fucking sicken me just because Ethan Wi-Fi bad he about Ethan in him I’m going against games he team

    Davidson LewisDavidson LewisPrieš 8 dienų
  • They should play against a pro

    Virus ManVirus ManPrieš 8 dienų
  • You will get 15 mil in a week

    Carlos JoséCarlos JoséPrieš 9 dienų
  • Sidemen play fortnite for the kids

    Carlos JoséCarlos JoséPrieš 9 dienų
  • Yo play fortnite

    Carlos JoséCarlos JoséPrieš 9 dienų
  • Are we not gonna talk about the fact that Tobi is using the Hotshot

    Henry YardHenry YardPrieš 9 dienų
  • The best rocket league video ever

    LyberofskiLyberofskiPrieš 10 dienų
  • Josh vs. Simon, Tobi, and Vik

    Peter NicholsPeter NicholsPrieš 10 dienų
  • Ngl the sidemen are kinda shit at rl

    Jude KJude KPrieš 10 dienų
  • Any okhalid fan here?

    raed jairaed jaiPrieš 10 dienų
  • ltworlds.info/home/vaizdo-ra-as/l4qRucxlkp2HgJc.html

    BairdicusBairdicusPrieš 11 dienų
  • did nobody see harry message are you still doing the rocket league ti simon

    DOGGODOGGOPrieš 11 dienų
  • Does JJ know about ballcam? hahaha

    Dylan VeluDylan VeluPrieš 11 dienų
  • Who else thinks Josh isn't funny?

    UziUziPrieš 11 dienų
  • When Ethan said he was lagging out you can hear him button smash the controller lmfao

    Quaver Point playsQuaver Point playsPrieš 11 dienų
  • Someone tell JJ triangle fixes his camera on the fucking ball

    Baile6yBaile6yPrieš 12 dienų
  • I felt the same as them when I first tried driving irl I was going so slow then my sister takes the wheel going 75 and I thought I was bout to die

    JellyBOBJellyBOBPrieš 12 dienų
  • 18:35 ethan turning into dt

    andrew kaneandrew kanePrieš 12 dienų
  • 17:55 im creasing. Harry in the top corner saying "u doing playing rocket league"🤣. Shows he wasnt really anywhere to not be able to play it - and he probably just didnt play out of choice...the way he messagee them just makes him seem like hes waiting lmao🤣. Plus "doing" instead of playing..sounds like he simply cba to even word things right

    andrew kaneandrew kanePrieš 12 dienų
  • Ethan: complains in the 1st game that hes "not gaming" Also ethan: complains in the 2nd game that the "ball feels like a rock"

    andrew kaneandrew kanePrieš 12 dienų
    • That’s not the normal ball weight so it feels likes a rock

      JIMHAZJIMHAZPrieš 11 dienų
  • No one: Ethan: guys im not gaming

    andrew kaneandrew kanePrieš 12 dienų
  • JJ gets so hyped and when he laughs he make me laugh lol🤣🤣😂😂

    Preston MonthePreston MonthePrieš 12 dienų
  • Do you guys ever play competitive because you should

    SageNaruto_T 7SageNaruto_T 7Prieš 12 dienų
  • I like how their teams called skets😂😂

    Arian AArian APrieš 12 dienų
  • Do a minecraft series in lockdown

    Nevaeh GaleaNevaeh GaleaPrieš 12 dienų
  • 18:36 I am dying

    Oneplus3Oneplus3Prieš 12 dienų
  • 4:04 wtf is jj doing 😂😂😂😂

    Fahd ElgoharyFahd ElgoharyPrieš 13 dienų
  • Josh breathes: Ethan: That’s amazing

    Kayode OyelayoKayode OyelayoPrieš 13 dienų
  • JJ has finally learned what boost is road to gc sidemen?

    Nathan DeFriesNathan DeFriesPrieš 13 dienų
  • Sideman are the best

    Blair OgdenBlair OgdenPrieš 13 dienų
  • So technically a shot is a save aswell😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Rob RavuRob RavuPrieš 13 dienų
  • JJ is best 🤣😂😂🤣🤣😅

    Naiyan KabirNaiyan KabirPrieš 13 dienų
  • The video we need to see: Harry vs JJ 1v1 private match like if you agree 👇🏽

    Ishy AliIshy AliPrieš 13 dienų
  • Has any sideman ever drifted??

    Luke MengeLuke MengePrieš 13 dienų
  • This is painful to watch🥴

    Luke MengeLuke MengePrieš 13 dienų
  • where the fuck is harold

    ixYousefixYousefPrieš 14 dienų
  • JJ Please press triangle

    EstFzAzEstFzAzPrieš 14 dienų
  • the sidemen should play rocket league with a pro or gc like musty or sunless khan, would be great content

    Harsh SharmaHarsh SharmaPrieš 14 dienų
  • More

    android gamer1255android gamer1255Prieš 14 dienų
  • Bro if KSI doesn't click Y by the next vid. I'm going to lose it.🤣🤣🤣

  • Jj needs to practice

    Ok BoomerOk BoomerPrieš 14 dienų
  • Where is Harry

    Tristan GentlesTristan GentlesPrieš 14 dienų
  • What was the fist mode that they were playing?

    Darvin JamalDarvin JamalPrieš 14 dienų
    • first word of the title

      MSZMSZPrieš 13 dienų
  • That’s not normal gravity settings wrong

    IA PLAYZIA PLAYZPrieš 14 dienų
  • Day 1 of telling jj to change his camera settings

    Its SkizzyIts SkizzyPrieš 14 dienų
  • Im getting 2017 jj vibes

    WrathWrathPrieš 14 dienų
  • JJ not being on ball cam really triggers, he'd hit the ball better if he had ball cam on

    joe victorjoe victorPrieš 14 dienų
  • Theyve been getting better i see somehow

    DethyDethyPrieš 14 dienų
  • Petition for faze clan vs sidemen in rocket league

    Luke WhittingtonLuke WhittingtonPrieš 14 dienų
  • No way Ethan is plat

    D1doscarD1doscarPrieš 14 dienų
  • they're boost settings are way too high

    Jaden TerryJaden TerryPrieš 14 dienų
  • ltworlds.info/home/vaizdo-ra-as/yHpnqK2cgreLqaw.html

    Deadshot GamerDeadshot GamerPrieš 14 dienų
  • At 10:05 what happened???someone stuck in a USB or summin!!??

    Mohammed HamidMohammed HamidPrieš 14 dienų
  • Probably the best Rocket League video I've ever seen...suuper funny!

    Mohammed HamidMohammed HamidPrieš 14 dienų
  • Mate Ethan is really making me feel like I can watch any videos with him in no more, what a moany whining girl... hes pathetic

    Thomas AngelThomas AngelPrieš 14 dienų
  • After this we need pro clubssss

    faisal asirifaisal asiriPrieš 14 dienų
  • lol i feel so bad for Harry, he just be like u still playing rocket league

    Thadsha ManoharanThadsha ManoharanPrieš 14 dienų
  • Tobi should bring back jager 619 why tf he using that car

    KH7KH7Prieš 15 dienų
  • audio outta sync

    im too uncreativeim too uncreativePrieš 15 dienų
  • wow

    Gustavo CastanedaGustavo CastanedaPrieš 15 dienų
  • 4:54 Made me Laugh

    Joehan SamuelJoehan SamuelPrieš 15 dienų
  • 12:42 why does Ethan sound like a junkie f larkhall

    Kyle Mccluskey7Kyle Mccluskey7Prieš 15 dienų
  • Bruh I’m always on 300 ping

    Kasen JohnsonKasen JohnsonPrieš 15 dienų
  • Bro Ethan needs to stop complaining every fucking video

    connor jamesconnor jamesPrieš 15 dienų
  • Please tell jj to put ball cam on

    Mohammed MajothiMohammed MajothiPrieš 15 dienų
  • The sidemen r so shit at rocket league

    Sammy AsburySammy AsburyPrieš 15 dienų
  • why was the audio so desynced in the first game?

    SP1NXSP1NXPrieš 15 dienų
  • Not 2 be racist but jj only targets tobey because etobey and jj are the only 2 blacks in the SDMN

    Cashleen RobinsonCashleen RobinsonPrieš 15 dienų
  • Sidemen v rocket league pro would be a banger

    spyshy twospyshy twoPrieš 15 dienų
  • Not trying to say anything but I could probably 1v7 them in any game mode just saying

    war.synczzwar.synczzPrieš 15 dienų
  • how do u play this?

    _Tappinq__Tappinq_Prieš 15 dienų
  • The Sidemen are trash at rocket league

    TSP2100TSP2100Prieš 15 dienų
  • i want the sidemen vs rocket league youtubers

    A P O L L O 8 1 8A P O L L O 8 1 8Prieš 15 dienų
  • They need to play just dance! It’ll be hilarious 😂

    Laura DuncanLaura DuncanPrieš 15 dienų
  • I think rocket league is the most underrated-rated games

    Specky PlayzSpecky PlayzPrieš 15 dienų
  • Ffs JJ turn ball cam on

    Ariz KamalAriz KamalPrieš 15 dienų
  • I'm amazing at heatseeker

    Ben RobinsonBen RobinsonPrieš 15 dienų
  • Is it me or KSI is in literally every video title

    Edgars Vlogs,gamingEdgars Vlogs,gamingPrieš 15 dienų
  • I wanna see the sidemen play sea of thieves

    Micah SuarezMicah SuarezPrieš 15 dienų
  • How are they playing heatseeker. How can I play this in Rocket League

    Nitish GuptaNitish GuptaPrieš 15 dienų
    • private match

      MSZMSZPrieš 13 dienų
  • ltworlds.info/home/vaizdo-ra-as/2amLnNaTl7qKm6g.html

    Lil Sperm StainLil Sperm StainPrieš 15 dienų
  • Gameplay audio a bit off boys

    Hawkz YTHawkz YTPrieš 15 dienų
  • Mk is like my friends god brother who just demolishes people and is like that is my specialty

    benn e obenn e oPrieš 15 dienų
  • where tf id tobys 'plat' performance im acc pissd at rocket league for giving him that rank xd

    Itz_me_AHSANItz_me_AHSANPrieš 15 dienų